The Dress

"Buy the dress that makes you feel most like yourself.  Because that's who he fell in love with"

He has just popped the question and once you say yes the most likely question to pop into your head is "OMG THE DRESS??!!!!".  So where to start?  You may already have a clear idea of the style you would like, but maybe not.  My advice is make an appointment as early as possible at a local bridal studio.  If you decide to take someone with you make sure this person is able to be honest with you, the last thing you want is someone gushing that every dress is AHHMAZING, this will not help you narrow down your search! 

I also suggest you take the advice of your sales assistant, if they suggest a style you hadn't considered, give it a go, they know body shapes and styles and may just find you your perfect match.

When you are trying on dresses make sure you do more than stand up straight in front of the mirror, you need to be able to sit and also dance in the dress, so try some moves and see how it feels.  You will have the dress on for a good 12 hours at least, if it is not comfortable it is going to have an impact on your day.  The same goes for your shoes, those sky high Jimmy Choo's could leave you in a world of pain so maybe consider something a little more practical, yes Practical!  Chances are no one will see your shoes under your dress anyway.

Comfort = Relaxed = Happy = Beautifully glowing!

Happy Shopping :)

Samantha Taylor
Photographer - Studio Vita

Samantha Taylor