Secret Bride's Business

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself"

So how about a photoshoot in your underwear?  "Oh hell no" is usually the first response I get when I ask this question.  Then we chat about it a bit more and I explain it could be a nice surprise for the groom on the morning of their wedding day.  Let's face it, apart from a suit and maybe some cufflinks there isn't much else, so imagine his surprise when he opens a beautiful album that showcases you at your most beautiful.  

But it's not just about him, this is also for you. To be pampered with hair & makeup, spoiling yourself with some lingerie shopping; it's the perfect excuse to indulge.  Every woman has their moments of struggling with their self image, so this can empower yourself and give your self esteem a boost.

It's not all serious sexy lingerie, when we plan your session we chat about your relationship and come up with ways to personalise it for your groom.  This is a great way to bring some fun into the shoot and incorporate something unique to you both.  It could be his footy jersey, leather motorbike jacket, cowboy boots or his favourite shirt.

Bring a girlfriend for moral support, share the bottle of bubbly and have a great time :)

Samantha Taylor
Photographer - Studio Vita

Samantha Taylor