The Boys

"The difference between men and boys,
is the price of their toys."
- Unknown - 

To be 100% honest men are just big children.  There is always a little larrikin or jokester inside them and on a wedding day things aren't any different, to the dismay of some involved in the wedding and the joy of others.

Men in general are a pack animal.  We like to be apart of a group of other males and often when that happens, well craziness is known to happen on time to time. On a wedding day a groom becomes the alfa dog of the group and as such THINKS he has control of the chaos.  Fortunately for a wedding photographer we can get some pretty funny moments.

All "joking" aside, the joking behaviour does have a good and positive influence on the bridal party by relieving the nerves and pressures that can build up on a wedding couple on the wedding day.  Humour is a great way to make a magical and romantic day, even more fun and memorable.

Doug Hall

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