All in the Details

"She ate from a plate called TASTE ME
And down she shrank so small."
 - Alice in Wonderland -

The effort and attention to detail that weddings are prepared are to be commended.  It is so important to ensure that those details, the ones the help shape and define the feel of the wedding, are captured by your wedding photographer.

Now I would argue that a good photographer should go looking for the details, however there are a few things you can do to ensure that the little things you have put the effort into and are important to you are captured.

Gather the goods.  When I arrive at a wedding I am often there as everyone is still getting ready.  This gives me the opportunity to spend some quality time photographing the personal details (eg the rings, dress, flowers, shoes, jewellery etc).  I will often ask the bride/groom or a member of the bridal party to gather all the little things into one spot.  This is also the perfect time to tell your photographer if there is any detail of the wedding that is important to you and should have a little more attention.  For example a memorial candle at the reception, a hidden love note or a surprise gift.

Don't be shy.  You should always be confident to remind your wedding photographer about details that pop into your head.  The odds are they have already captured it, but you and they would rather double check than finding out the next day that they didn't get a shot of that important detail.

The details are important and should not be neglected.  Making sure you have them captured means they will never be forgotten.

Doug Hall
Photographer - Studio Vita

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