Marina & David

Marina has a soulmate in this world and his name is David.  When you see the two of them together you don’t even have to ask the question, you just know they are soulmates.

Their wedding was as amazing as they are as people.  It was magical with everything from a family heirloom veil, horse and carriage, amazing Russian Orthodox Church, a 3 storey ladder to take the group photo, dancers, singers and one of the greatest desert tables I have ever seen at a wedding.

The most amazing part of this magical wedding was one of the simplest things.  When Marina and David saw each other for the first time at the church, the love in each others eyes was just breathtaking and it was tough holding back the tears.

An amazing wedding for two very amazing people.  Congratulations!

Venue :: Albert Hall
Photographers :: Doug Hall & Samuel Coulter

Doug Hall