Wedding Makeup Tips

"Wearing makeup shouldn't look like you have been making out with a box of crayons." 

As a photographer I see first hand the effects of good, great and average makeup on a wedding day.  Having professional makeup done can enhance your natural beauty, protect you from the sun and make you feel just that little more special, on an already special day.  

From a photographers point of view, great wedding makeup will even out colour blemishes in the skin tone, reduce reflections, enhance highlight points, help define facial structure and most importantly, almost always increases the brides confidence in her self image, resulting in more relaxed and genuine expressions.  This gives the photographer more options when capturing you in different lighting situations throughout the wedding day.

A professional makeup service will help you look the best possible version of you, on your wedding day.
— Marie Donnell

Now I know a few things about makeup from a photographers point of view, but it is important to get advice from people that really know what they are talking about.  To that end I reached out to some of the best makeup artists in the business to get the good information.

My philosophy when designing a wedding makeup look is to ensure the bride looks like themselves, but enhanced. They need to think about the fact that the photos may be around in their family for a hundred years. A lot of the things I do are for the photos, adding blush and dimension to the face, camouflaging things that won’t be on their face in 2 weeks like pimples.
— Katie Saarikko
Maintain your beauty routine. Changes may do more harm than good!

Facial waxing should be done at least 3 days before.

Have an idea in mind? Bring a photo to the trial for #inspo.
— Jacqui Scott
Terminology can be mis interpreted due to you-tube and tutorials so have inspiration images of the looks you love on hand so there is no room for error.

Have more than 1 trial if your unsure. It’s best to eliminate all the stress before the day so you can relax on the day with loved ones.

Do you want a makeup Artist or someone who does Makeup? A makeup Artist is trained in all aspects of Makeup application including hygiene. Training takes 12 months full time, so is very specific to the industry.
— Diana Cheetham
Pick a Makeup artist who you feel comfortable to communicate honestly with. Finding someone who is skilled in their field, will always want to make sure your makeup is an enhancement of you, not a face painted version of a Kardashian. Classic styles are best for weddings, leave the ‘on trend’ styles for birthdays and other fun events like someone else’s wedding.

When booking makeup on the day, consider timing. You will want your makeup artist to be completing your makeup as the photographer arrives to allow them to capture the process. This also allows them to get images of your dress and other accessories while your MUA is finishing up?.
— Dove
Many brides underestimate the importance of a quality, professional makeup artist on their wedding day – thinking maybe it’ll be okay to go with the cheapest quote, or perhaps a friend can do it? Well here are some things to consider:

1. A professional artist knows how to apply makeup minimally in a classy and tasteful way – and will ensure you still feel like yourself
2. They will consider how you normally wear makeup, your face and eye shape and the colour themes of your wedding
3. The products they use are top quality, long lasting and low allergen
4. Expert application of false lashes are often undetectable, and very comfortable
5. Most artists will come to you on the day – bringing a professional setup
6. Their kit and tools are hygienic and are cleaned in between each makeup

You will cherish the images you have paid thousands of dollars for, for the rest of your life! Don’t let a bad makeup ruin them!
— Marie Donnell
It’s always good to prep your skin a few months out from your wedding by drink 1-2L of water per day.

Gently exfoliate your face once a week, I always do this on the weekend day that I wash my hair. Makes it easier to remember.
— Kathryn Molloy
Drink lots of water and get lots of rest. Skin prep and skin hydration are the key to long lasting makeup. If a trial is within your budget it’s highly recommended, so your artist can work with you to create a look that suits you and your personality.
— Cassandra Lee Heath
Well for as long as I’ve been a makeup artist (almost 30 years) I see a lot of tired/stressed/dehydrated skin on brides and maids… this has a simple remedy… up your water intake leading up to the wedding day…

Other top tips are go see your beauty therapist at least one month leading up to the wedding day and get your skin in top shape, great skin is the basis of gorgeous makeup!

If you’ve had a makeup trial before your big day, the chances are your makeup will be flawless and fabulous so you can just enjoy the pampering and know you’ll be looking fine and ready for photos to show off your special look on your special day!
— Karen Lis

Every bride is unique and every bride requires different needs when it comes to her makeup.  With all the details, research and planning that brides do for other parts of their wedding day, I only ask that you do the same diligence with your makeup.  

Doug Hall
Photographer - Studio Vita

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