Doug Hall

Why Vita Academy?

Doug Hall
Why Vita Academy?

"Enjoy life, through photography."

"Put up or shut-up!".  This was the cry from my friend and business partner, after about 2 years of me constantly complaining that there was huge need for concentrated, hands on photography training.  So I put up! 

I sat my butt down and designed what I thought photography students needed to know and then worked through how they might learn it best.  Samantha and I then created the structure to best suit the wide and varied skill level of students.  Vita Academy was born.

Vita Academy was created with a few fundamental principles. 

1. A million ways to create

We believe photography is an art.  As such there is not right or wrong way to create an image, as there is no right and wrong way to create art.  We show and teach how we do it.  How we create the image. Always emphasising that if you prefer or know of another method and it works for you, then that way is also right.

2. Inspire the Passion

I constantly saw amazingly talented students give photography away because their passion for the art was being smothered.  We endeavour to not only teach the how but also inspire the creative spirit.  Not creating clones of ourselves but growing and enabling the next breed of talent to grow the art of photography.

3. Nothing is off limits

I believe one of life's requirements in creating a better world, is to share your knowledge with those who want it.  That means the old school idea of corporate secrets, is dead to us.  All our knowledge and ideas, for business, skills, methods, etc are available to those wanting it.  Nothing is off limits.

With these principles guiding us, we have created Vita Academy content to grow and adapt to what our students need.  Our structure means they can come and go as they please.  Jump in to what they want to learn and at their skill level.  More face to face time, with small classes means we can tailor content quickly and easily, adapting on the fly to make the time spent with each student more productive and effective.

The training sessions are separated into 4 areas. "Learn the Ropes", "Sharpen your Skills", "Masterclasses" and "Creative Retreats". 

Sharpen your Skills
This is the tool room. A place to learn specific skills and make them part of your photographic toolbox.

Creative Retreats
This is the ultimate learning environment. Immersing yourself with like minded photographers with 24/7 tuition and inspiration, at an amazing location.

Learn the Ropes
This is the sandbox. The place where you learn the basics. The foundations of photography, the fundamentals of the tools and the art of seeing an image.

A start to finish hands on tour through a professional shoot. An intensive guided walk through of a complete professional photo session from concept to image completion.


I love what I do as a professional photographer.  Photography consumes my life and is the passion that constantly drives me.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing that passion ignite and glow bright in the eyes of a student learning the craft.

Doug Hall
Photographer - Studio Vita

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